Employment Trends for Financial Service Jobs

Round about now, times are hard in many sectors of the economy, yet the finance sector keeps bouncing back! For this reason, financial service jobs should be right at the top of the list for suitably qualified applicants seeking gainful employment.

A prime example of the indestructible nature of the finance industry is the role of bookkeeper. It matters not one bit whether a boom or crash is happening, because companies have to file their taxes at the end of the day, which requires them to keep those all-important records of profits and losses. This is why there is always need of well-trained bookkeepers. In fact, this is probably the safest line of employment you can think of (and the bookkeeping salary is pretty good too). Needless to say, it is a rather competitive field, so you should not contemplate entering it without a bookkeeping qualification, preferably at degree level.

Business AdministratorWorking as a business administrator is the career of choice for those with a solid academic record biased toward finance-related subjects. In fact, it is fair to say that you will not get far in this area without academic accreditation. Working in business administration is a career path that can ultimately deliver supremely high financial rewards; however, job seekers must not only learn to walk before they can run, but they must also be ready to take the rough with the smooth. Nowadays, firms are going bust every minute, so business administrators have to accept that they may fall foul of such events. Learn about the top executive education requirements. Distressing as it may be when the axe falls, business administrators must take setbacks in their stride and be ready to move on decisively to the next opportunity that presents itself.

As compared with business administration, a career as an insurance agent is more suited to those who desire a job that is not too demanding but provides an outlet for a positive, upbeat mindset. Selling insurance policies to the general public is not always guaranteed to deliver a handsome insurance sales agent salary, not least because many are wary in these hard times of taking on further monthly expenditure. Nevertheless, insurance agents who are persistent and hard-working can close the sales they need to keep their heads above water and then some.

Stock Broker CareerIf you are on the hunt for a career where the sky is the limit so far as remuneration is concerned, two likely candidates are investment banking and stock broking. This is the sharp end of high finance, and becoming a success in this area is dependent on applicants having the right personality for it, not just paper qualifications. The cut and thrust of stock dealing and handling investment portfolios worth billions is not for the faint-hearted by any means. The stakes are high, but you must also have a cool head, so as not to get trapped into a disastrous situation through making split second decisions fueled by panic. Successful individuals can be hopeful of making an amazing stock broker salary, but nothing is guaranteed in this game.

Working as a financial advisor is also demanding, but it is undoubtedly a step down from the madhouse of share dealing. This role is one for those who have an excellent knowledge of financial products and services combined with a gift for communication and persuasion. Getting the public to sign on the dotted line for the product you are selling is frequently difficult, as clients may be resistant to parting with their money in these straitened times. The solution is to be persistent in your approach, and to hammer the sales pitch until the client gives in. However, you must do it in such a way as to appear non-threatening. It takes a special skill and personality to make it as a finance advisor and make wealth manager pay, and employers will be on the lookout for these qualities more than mere paper certification, of that you can be sure.

Retirement planning is the last of the finance careers under consideration today, and again this is a role for persons adept at sales. In other words, they must be in possession of the communication skills needed to banter with the public and put them at their ease before going in for the kill. As with investments, retirement planning is something many people today seek to wriggle away from as it involves yet more monthly expense. For this reason, you must not expect the going to be easy when selling retirement plans, but the right sales pitch and manner should pay off in the end.

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Current Cost of Several Home and Personal Investments

Home Improvement CostsWhen you have some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, there are lots of things you may want to spend it on. Generally speaking, cost effective home improvements are a good candidate as they have the potential to increase the value of your residence while improving your standard of living at the same time. Health treatments and procedures of various kinds are another prime candidate for your cash since they can deliver enhanced quality of life. The question is whether or not this expenditure is affordable in this day and age.

In view of the fact that energy costs are going through the roof round about now, it is little wonder that there is growing interest in solar panels. These panels can be fitted to the roof of your house, where they can be expected to harvest the energy contained in the sun’s rays. In theory, you could power your house entirely from the energy generated by a large array of solar panels. However, the cost of a home solar power system has to be factored into the equation. Typically, the cost of solar panels is quoted in figures of dollars per watt of the rated power of the panels. This cost has been coming down in recent years so there has never been a better time to go solar, especially when you consider that there may be tax rebates and benefits if you switch to this form of energy generation/consumption. This brings the cost down even further. However, you should be aware that recouping the cost of your investment – via the free electricity generated by the panels – will take no little time.

Solar Panels Installed on a House

When it comes to improving their homes, the kitchen is the place where many folks’ thoughts turn first. Improvements range from simply installing granite countertops, all the way up to the professional kitchen installation cost. Obviously, the price will vary considerably depending on the scale of work you have done. Granite countertops will work out more costly than cheap and cheerful plastic countertops, but they are worth their weight in gold in terms of the value they add to your home, not to mention the fact that they are beautiful to behold, too.

The exterior of their homes is something householders often neglect, but taking this approach is foolhardy in the extreme as it can allow the elements to seriously damage the fabric of the building before any corrective action is taken. In all fairness, prevention is better than cure, so you should bite the bullet and pay for protective measures like vinyl siding sooner rather than later. Vinyl siding is an extremely cost-effective form of cladding for the exterior of buildings, which is designed to keep the weather from destroying your home. The cost to install vinyl siding is cheaper than timber cladding while generally being thought more effective in getting the job done.

It is fair to say that, after home improvements, the next item on the agenda for many people looking to spend spare cash is various health treatments. Skin blemishes are one bugbear for affected individuals who, once they have the funds to pay for the necessary treatment, sign on the dotted line for mole removal and other cosmetic surgery procedures. In the past, removing moles was more costly, which was a deterrent for those of meager means. Nowadays, the boot is on the other foot thanks to the factors that affect the cost, not to mention that mole removal is more effective than it used to be, with the risks of scarring vastly reduced. Of course, an additional motivator for mole removal is prevention of skin cancer. However, those with large numbers of moles on their skin are advised to seek the advice of a professional dermatologist before opting for mole removal as the methods used are not necessarily foolproof in removing any cancer risk posed by a rogue mole.

Dental Implant Model

Dental implants are another popular medical treatment, and the public will pay thousands of dollars these days to get realistic implants installed in the gaps where their real teeth were formerly situated. In the old days, many of those who were missing teeth were loath to grin and bear their misfortune, but times have changed and, in the modern era, it is commonplace to aspire to having the perfect celebrity-style smile. This is why people are paying money hand-over-fist to get dental implants among other corrective dental procedures.

By contrast, eye exams are not the province of the vain or celebrity-obsessed. Nevertheless, they are necessary and wise, as they allow persons with declining sight to get the right prescriptions for their eye-glasses rather than run the risk of eye strain going forward. Routine eye exam prices adds up over time, no doubt, but overall it is a bearable expense and it is very sensible from the point of view of preventive healthcare.

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Are Braces Worth the Money?

Braces are of different types. Besides the dental braces, there are posture braces and tennis elbow braces as well. Each of these braces is helpful in dealing with a particular kind of disorder or injury. But are these braces really worth the money? Do these braces provide effective solutions to their respective problems? Let’s find out.

Dental Braces

Colored Dental BracesDental braces play an integral role in the growing up of millions of kids each year. Though painful at some points, dental braces are useful in making beautiful smiles a reality. A few lucky people in every town are born with perfectly placed teeth that become the reason of a beautiful smile; however for all the other people who are faced with the challenge of crooked teeth, overbites, underbites and other dental disorders, braces can do a lot.

It is true that braces have provided effective treatment to dental problems to billions of people but besides the pain that a patient has to go through, a treatment that involves braces for a long period of time is also quite torturous to the pocket. It is estimated that braces, depending upon how long they are placed and what kind of braces are used, can cost somewhere between $1,800 to $6,500.

The prices of braces vary highly because of the quality of braces used and the duration for which they are fixed to the teeth. Braces are usually placed for a period of 1 – 3 years depending upon the severity of the problem. Furthermore many patients who can afford high quality braces go for the braces that have cosmetic value as well. Since braces are going to be placed for a long time, many people prefer something that is not as visibly awkward and challenging as the usual metal braces. There is always the option of using colored rubber bands, but most people choose grey elastics so that their braces don’t attract attention.

The braces are intended to reposition the teeth so that they appear aesthetically positioned at the end of the treatment. Improper teeth can lead to other problems like chewing disorders, painful jaw joints and headaches. Therefore the braces can not only produce a healthy and gorgeous looking smile, it can also prevent many other problems. Sure it is painful every time the orthodontist tightens the braces and one has to be more vigilant about dental hygiene with braces on; furthermore there are the unsightly braces rubber bands that one has to deal with but once they come off they are worth the trouble. Be sure you know when to wear elastics. Surgical procedures are far more painful and can lead to other issues, therefore if money is spent on dental braces to correct the various dental disorders, then it is surely worth the trouble.

Posture Braces

Posture BracePosture braces don’t cost a hefty amount, although their prices may vary depending upon their different types. If you suffer from back pain or have suffered a back injury, don’t go running off to the medical store to buy a posture brace without consulting your physician. Your doctor will examine your back trouble and will prescribe the right kind of posture brace for women that is going to be effective against your problem. A good posture brace should cost under $100 and that is not too much considering the support and treatment that it is going to provide to your back muscles.

Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow braces are required to give support to the forearm muscles and to the elbow joint if it has suffered from an internal tendonitis. The tennis elbow brace is like a soft bracket that gives support to this region and prevents from any unnecessary pressure to the area. A good quality tennis elbow strap doesn’t cost more than $35 which is quite less for something that can be quite useful as an effective treatment and as a preventive measure.

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What’s so Great About SUVs Anyway?

Crossover SUV Honda CR-VEveryone has their own opinion when it comes to cars and the vehicle that is going to fit the best in the family. Midsize/compact SUVs are often way more practical than people think. If you have never been a big car person you might be surprised at how much use you really get out of vehicles (cars, SUVs, minivans) with 7-8 passenger seating. While it isn’t what you may use on your everyday commute, it makes traveling with family or friends much more convenient and it even makes simple long trips much more comfortable.

Benefits of SUVs with 3rd Row Seats

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of an SUV. You can choose your size. While not everyone wants or needs a third row of seats you can build the car that is right for you. Even seven passenger SUVs have more storage space than the other cars that seat this many people. In addition you can look through all the models with a conversion that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Four Wheel Drive

There are limited minivans with optional four wheel drive, but in an SUV you can get it on just about any model. This means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck, you can go four wheeling and you can even handle the snow better. This combination makes the SUV more practical than other large cars and still not as cumbersome as a truck. The higher ground clearance also means that when you are towing you are not as likely to bottom out as you are with minivans.

Downside Gas Mileage

Some people find the gas mileage a downside. It is going to be more expensive than most cars, even if you get a hybrid. This can be off-putting as well as the initial price tag of purchasing the vehicle. You do need to consider how often you need to seat more people and go from there. The SUV still gets better gas mileage than many other bigger cars on the market so it might still be worth it. This is a great compact suv for gas mileage.

7 Passenger SUV Acura MDX

Upside, Transmission Maintenance and Repair

If you are just a town driver it might not seem like you have to worry about transmission maintenance and repair that much, but compared to other large vehicles, you will find an SUV holds up much better. This means you spend less time and less money at the shop. Other cars just don’t have the right balance of power and speed to handle all the terrain you may be dealing with. An SUV can really tackle all these things and give you the best of both worlds. Find out what the current average transmission fluid flush cost is.

Downside, Parking

This may not seem like a big deal when you buy it, but if you live in a larger city, parking can be a big problem. Not only do you need bigger parallel spaces, but you also have to deal with incredibly small parking spots in lots. It will take a little getting used to, but you can make this work. It does not have to be a deal breaker, though some people find that it is.

Whatever your choice, there are many good things about SUVs. You should definitely price out the competition, consider all your needs and wants and then take one for a test drive. You will likely find an SUV is different than what you first expected if you have never driven or owned one. They are far more comfortable and easy to use than most people think. It is worth taking the time to really learn about the market before you decide.

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8 Jobs on the Rise Thanks to Obamacare

There are mixed reviews from different people about the Obamacare issue. Some find it great while others, especially those who are affected by it, find it really bad. So, what is this all about and why people react about it?

The federal health care law or commonly known by the public as Obamacare is a federal statute in the United States signed by the president of the United States that aims to help reduce the number of uninsured U.S. citizens. The law also aims to reduce the overall cost in the field of health care. It requires subsidies and tax credits to employers and even individuals for the increase in the coverage rate. While there are benefits in this law, there are also advantages that are experienced by workers.


JobsAmong the professionals/ workers that are affected by this federal law, those who work in health care are reacting mainly because of what the law is doing to them. There are jobs that are greatly affected by health care reform. Five jobs belong to the health care field such as:

• Dental Hygienist
• Physical Therapist>
• Massage Therapist
• Medical Records Technician
• Licensed Vocational Nurse

Even though these five health care professionals are not as famous as other professionals, they still deserve to have their jobs. Unfortunately, it does something to them that seems unfair.

Aside from the jobs in health care, pharmaceutical companies also suffer from it since they are required to pay extra fees. Manufacturers of medical devices also share some of the sufferings from the signed law since they have to pay for additional taxes. With this, they may not consider hiring new employees anymore.

Due to the law, people may expect fewer full-time workers. There are businesses that are looking for means to cut back the working hours for the employees to avoid some penalties; thus, many employees will have to accept the decrease in work hours because of the Obamacare. However, it is not that easy just to accept anything. Isn’t it?

Employees in large service industries including restaurants, hotels and retail stores begin to limit their schedule whether they like it or not. Starting 2014, the law requires all the employers to provide insurance for employees who work 30 hours a week or the employers are obliged to pay at least $2,000 for every worker that is uninsured. Some businesses put emphasis on hiring part-time workers. Others such as home retailers don’t have other choice, but to cut hours for some employees that work full-time. They consider this way even though the employees will experience losses in terms of the cut working hours because they want to avoid the insurance mandate in case the law is not repealed.

The intention of Obamacare may focus on the positive aspects to reduce the overall health insurance cost and to help the uninsured Americans to have fair treatment. However, the effect of the law for some people makes them hate the law more. No one can really blame them because they too have their own share of struggles and they find it unfair.

Unfortunately, there are 8 jobs that are greatly affected by this so-called federal health care law. The five goes to the health care professionals. One job involves in pharmaceutical. The other one has something to do with those who manufacture medical devices. Businesses are also affected. Thus, the last job to complete the eight would be those employees in stores, restaurants, hotel chains and other businesses. It is upsetting to know that a signed law can make several lives miserable. Thanks to Obamacare, these employees will have to earn less even though they need to earn more.

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Occupations That Probably Voted for Obama and Why

Occupations for ObamaThe elections are over, and just like a football game, it’s time to evaluate and analyze just what went where, and the reasons as to why things turned out the way that they were. Here are some information on who voted for whom, and why Obama is able to take the seat in the White House for another four years.

It would come as no surprise that Obama would get the majority of the black population. In fact, reports say that he was able to capture 93% of African American voters, which comprise of almost 13% of the entire voting population. As compared to Mitt Romney, Obama was able to also capture the majority of Latino voters as well as other minorities such as Asian Americans and the Jewish.

Now, it cannot be denied that most African Americans and Latin Americans mostly have jobs relating to construction and the automotive industry. Thus, people who have a truck driver job, automotive mechanic salary or an automotive engineering salary are probably the ones that voted for Obama. They must still believe in him despite the economic crisis that the country experienced during his tenure.

However, this is not to say that the pattern of demographics ends there. Based on poll results, it could be seen that the top 6 richest counties have also voted in favor of Obama. This means that even specialists like those who perform eye exams, dental implants, and mole removal have also thrown in their support for Obama during the elections. Women voters also favored Obama, mostly, which means most occupations where the majority of which are women were also part of the demographics that swung the elections in favor of Obama. However, it should be noted that the majority of the other counties with a median income of more than 100,000 USD favored Romney more during the elections.

US Unemployment RateWith regards to countries with different employment rates, it can be seen that those states with higher unemployment rates, especially those above 8%, favored Obama against Romney, while those states whose unemployment rates dropped below 8% favored Romney. Still, it should be mentioned that states that have been considered as “swing states”, such as Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin belong to this group but they still leaned towards Obama in the polls. College graduates also leaned in favor towards Obama, while those who did not graduate high school voted for Romney.

So what does this mean for the country when we say that these occupations are the ones that probably voted for Obama? Perhaps they would like to see real change in their industries in order for them to be able to improve on their respective lives. Perhaps Obama’s platform of health reform has caused those that have a graphic artist job description, entry level EE salary or have taken part in an engineering internship to put their money on Obama’s campaign, while those who do home related work do not quite believe on Romney’s strategy to improve on trade within and outside the country. Or maybe the reason for the latter is that they could relate more to Obama, whose unprecedented charm and appeal has brought him closer to the masses than any other President in recent memory. The minorities’ vote also played a very big factor, as even though Romney acquired over 60% of the white vote, it was still not enough for people to foresee the electoral results based on race and skin color.

Whatever the results of the elections could have been, it cannot be denied that both candidates were able to provide some great platforms that, if implemented, would greatly improve the lives of people everywhere, regardless of race and occupation. For four more years, President Obama will once again be given the chance to install hope and change to Americans, regardless of race or gender. In the sidelines, Romney is still able to do what he does best, and he can still serve America in his own way. What matters most is that America, the government, stands united in dealing with the problems that they are and will be facing, and in proving that even though we are a hodgepodge of mixed races and nationalities, the United States of America is still the greatest nation in the world, and we only need a great leader to make that point valid for everyone to see.

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Auto Industry Bailout has Kept Service Costs Low

Auto Industry BailoutThe auto industry bailout helped to keep many auto industry workers employed but it also served to save all the peripheral auto jobs as well. There are a number of mechanics who specialize in a particular type of car and if the assembly lines had shut down the cost of fixing those cars would have gone through the roof. With less work to do, the mechanics would have no choice but to charge more for they work they could accomplish while taking classes or learning about other vehicles in order to expand their business model. Transmission repair and maintenance is quite specific and it would have taken time for the transition. Either way, finding the right repair shop is very important to ensure you get quality service for a reasonable price. The people holding the bag for new car financing or who had just purchased their vehicles would have paid the most. Make sure you know the pros and cons of zero percent financing before you sign a financing deal for a new car..

Standard Repairs

While the auto industry bailout likely wouldn’t change the cost of brake pads or wheel alignments immediately, as the parts became harder to come by, prices would have risen. Find out how much brake pads cost and the front end alignment cost is based on current average market prices. There could have even been some initial knee-jerk reactions to the idea of the auto manufacturers shutting down and a raise in prices to make up for the eventual slow down. While no one can say what the price change would have looked like, it would have happened. There is no way to keep prices low when the volume of supply.

Oil change coupons and windshield replacement and repair would be plentiful because these are things done on all cars. Auto glass replacement cost can be anywhere between $70 and $150 typically. The cost of the glass would have to go up and the specialized filters for certain cars might cost more eventually, but it wouldn’t be an immediate change price gouge. If you want to save some money, check out these free coupons for a cheap oil change. These are the little things that you don’t realize until it is too late. When people look at the problem with the economy, it can be difficult to trace back the points where things originated. If you are always concerned about security, you can also enjoy good discounts on auto window tinting.

Replacement Parts

Another fallout would have been body shop work beyond the car paint job price. Many people save money on parts by going to a junk yard to find slightly used options so they can afford to pay the mechanic or auto body worker a bit more. As the cars fell out of date there would be fewer and fewer parts to choose from. In addition, the new parts would be even more expensive if even available. Once the lines shut down, there is no need to keep producing the replacement parts either, so finding them would be incredibly difficult.

You would have seen a change in cars as people may have put together their own “hybrid” versions of vehicles just to keep their cars running. This too, would drive up the service costs on vehicles. The changes made alter how a mechanic can work on the car and eventually would render the computerized systems useless. There would be no way to truly track what is wrong from a computer standpoint. Some people think this would have been a nice move because while it is nice to be able to know exactly where the problem in the car is, it takes the fun out of working on a car and it makes much more difficult for those who just do it as a hobby.

Classic Status

Classic CarThe auto industry bailout kept costs in line, both for fixing and buying cars. If the companies had gone out of business, many cars on the road would have become “classics” overnight. As the companies decided how to phase out certain parts and models to pull together after bankruptcy, the disruption to service would have been immense. There would have been much money to be made by the mechanics but with no sense for the future or any planning for what the landscape would look like in just a few years. This is how it would have gotten around the “price gouging” rules.

Bankruptcy might have forced the auto industry to take a harder look at reforms that could have had a lasting effect on the business model. Currently, the bailout seems like it saved a number of people much worry, concern and provided them with financial security. It might seem like a hard thing to understand but in the end, it would have been the first domino in a series of dominos that may have been unstoppable. Or it might have been the first of companies taking responsibility and the country finding new places for out of work mechanics and auto workers. The choice was made and no one will ever know.

What you can know is that the price you pay when you get your American car fixed is lower than it would have been if the bailout had not happened. Be grateful that you can still get your wheel alignment done cheaply. Marvel in the fact that parts are readily available and you don’t have to wait for weeks to get your car back. Things could have been much worse and there is no guarantee that things won’t go down that path in the very near future.

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